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"Spa Therapy" phrase presently signifies wide range of treatment, which might or might not be related to turquoise (water) medical aid. Spa word was used in the past in respect to water treatment. Spa word was originated from Latin word "Spargere" means sprinkle or moisten. Spa word was also joined to Latin expression Salus Per Aquam suggests that "health through water". Spa word is also believed to be originating from a "Spa" name of the city in European country.

During early amount most of the provinces and religion believed bathing in spring water or Holy stream results in physical and religious purification. Asian and Roman kings and rulers were treated with hot tub, mud bath and steam bath once war or combat exercises.

Water treatment was branded as "Spa therapy" and "Spa Aqua Therapies" were accessible completely to royal families. Presently the term "Spa" defines a place for massage in addition as nail, facial and water treatments. Some spa facilities may provide either nail or facial treatment solely. Therapy places for body massage, nail treatment, facial medical aid and foot massage might use word "Spa" while not involvement of any sort of turquoise therapy.

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