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Ozi Gym & Spa | Physiotherapy

Lower back pain, a sporting injury, heart disease or Associate in nursing close at hand birth square measure the moments your life direction might suddenly amendment. It ‘s during times like these that you would like the skilled steerage of our physios, to help map your approach forward.

The path to physiological condition begins therewith commencement taken after Associate in Nursing accident or stroke, or being able to bend properly and bit the ground for the primary time when enfeebling back pain. Whatever your challenge, Ozi Gym & Spa physiotherapy is with you at every section or stage of your life, supporting your body to help it reach its full potential.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sporting injuries are usually associated with Associate in nursing acute incident, or with overuse due to a biomechanical issue. Critical to recovery is the speed of intervention, enabling you to discover the supply of Associate in Nursing injury and to maximize the speed of recovery. Whether it’s Associate in nursing articulation plana sprain, an ACL tear, or tennis elbow, you need the correct recovery program to assist support your healing.

Back And Neck Pain

This is a specialised approach to managing back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, disc bulges, headaches, a wry neck and other spinal conditions. A manipulation or manual therapy technique is applied to facilitate ease pain and align the spine. Doing exercises that match the therapy is your key to semipermanent management.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Ozi Gym & Spa physiotherapy is the optimum surroundings for post-surgical rehabilitation. You’ll start with acentered program developed by the therapist, which you’ll be ready to maintain in an exceedingly safe, supervised surroundings. We provide programs for back surgery, arthroscopy surgery such as ACL reconstructions, meniscus repairs, shoulder reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, and total knee and hip replacements.

Women’s Health

Women’s bodies need a physio focus that suits the explicit demands of each life-stage. We will facilitate with coaching for sports, preparing for birth, recovering from separated abdominal muscles, managing incontinence and prolapses, or dealing with menopause or pathology. Real time ultrasound is also obtainable.

Paediatric Physical Therapy

A dynamic physio follow providing a safe, supportive and economical urroundings for rehabilitation and exercise. We offer a novel mix of skilled recommendation, injury management, hands-on therapies and tailored exercise programs. Find support for each movement, in every moment, for every body, at Ozi Gym & Spa

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy

Exercising in a safe surroundings with the correct instrumentation and superintendence is crucial to with success managing Parkinson’s diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, and all forms of stroke and brain Injuries. A program can be set to coordinate and strengthen the muscles technique, Pilates and gym instrumentation.

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