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Success Stories

Dinesh's Success Story

"Within the 1st month, I could extremely begin to see results. I dropped a dress size & I lost ten kg* – I might see and feel my body being a lot of toned & tightened. I could extremely feel results among simply some days. Now I’ve lost eighty kg* & unbroken it off for regarding a year & a 0.5. I’m so grateful that I had my Total athletic facilityand that I stayed with it. Now I look at footage of myself & I can’t believe however nice I look."


Surjeet Singh's Success Story

"I was 80 kg. I was at a shape that I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I lost 27 kg* exploitation. I went from a size 38 to a size 34 and I’m still going!"


Sumeet Sharma's Success Story

"I lost 15 kg* exploitation at Ozi Gym & Spa. I was watching TV & realised all of a fast – here i'm a size twelve and was time for a amendment – I didn’t feel pretty, I wasn’t happy. Total Gym was the answer on behalf of me. It was encouraging because I began to notice a distinction within the method I felt, in the way my garments began to work. It was easy extremely to lose the thirty lbs – I went all the way down to a size 5/6. Thank you Ozi Gym & Spa!"

Debra's Success Story

"I was about 75 Kg & I lost 16 Kg* – Ozi Gym & Spa facility is my personal trainer & I use it dependably. It’s a total gym – i suppose that’s a decent name for it. I do the inner & outer thigh workout – that’s wherever I requiredthe most work & the whole athletic facility helped ME tone that a part of my body. If feel more energetic, everything is more toned."

Disha's Success Story

"It took inches off!Ozi Gym & Spa helped ME in my middle space, my hips, my thighs – my inner thighs & my buttocks – it was where I carried all my weight."


Satbir Mann's Success Story

"Every part of your body works out. It works your arms, legs, stomach, abs – everything! I had hanging skin beneath my arms – with Total athletic facility, I’ve seen such a difference - it’s unbelievable. I have lots of vitality, a lot of energy. I lost 19 kg*. In my 40’s I didn’t feel as good as I do currently in my 50’s."


Saurav Mehta's Success Story

"I found the Ozi Gym & Spa on a billboard & tho' well let’s attempt it. I tried it and it worked! All of my exercises are on one piece of machinery and it’s very easy – that’s what’s thus nice. 2 years agone, I had a big middle, 1 had my huge arms, I had a lot of weight on ME and with the Pilates on the whole athletic facility, I’m able to gain lean muscle and that’s what I wished. I’ve lost 4 sizes & 22 kg* & here I am!"


Nisha's Success Story

"I desperately required to lose weight and didn't recognize wherever to start out. I decided that a way of life amendment was so as. After look many infomercials, I decided on the whole athletic facility as a result of it appeared it'd be simple on the areas I’ve had surgery… my knees and feet. I was amazed that none of the exercises hurt ME.


Nirmal Kaur's Success Story

"I've had some really rattling success with the Total athletic facility. I've lost over 31 kg* in eight months. I feel good, so it's not tough to place the 10-15 minutes in - as a result of i do know it works. And it's helped me maintain my weight loss and i am firmer, I've got more flexibility. I feel like my energy is higher and i am excited about understanding. It’s not a chore any longer.


Rajesh Kumar's Success Story

"I have more energy and my body is lean and tone. In the 'before' photo, I am wearing a size fourteen dress. In the 'after' photo, I am wearing a size one dress*. I am 5'4" tall and that i want my body is correctly proportioned currently.

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